The Final Fantasy series has been a big part of my life and has helped over the years to get me through some of the biggest life changing events I've had in the past.  I start playing back when Final Fantasy VI (in the 90s known as Final Fantasy III) and realized that video games can tell great stories.  Ever since then I've been playing the main series and mostly devoted to Final Fantasy XIV.  Below is some info if you wish to try out this awesome massive multiplayer online role playing game and join millions of fellow gamers around the world.

Free Trial!

Try out Final Fantasy XIV till level 35 with no time limit and much more before deciding if you want to purchase the game and subscroption.  Click here for the full terms and make sure you are on the Aether Datacenter so we can play together.


The main page for Final Fantasy XIV that has all the updated information and news you want on the game and upcoming events.

Recruit a friend!

Thinking of buying the game and/or subscription to FFXIV?  Contact me and we can enter you into this program to get some free stuff to go along with your purchase.