FITz & Healthy Podcast Overview

Among the resources I use to help me reach my health and fitness goals is listening to this podcast.  Now I may be a bit bias as I produce the show, but the information Dr. Lauren Fitz, Cinthanie, and guests have is worth, way more than the time it takes to listen to them for free.  Below are some of the highly recommended episodes you should listen to and apply to your life.

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Is Fat Making You Fat?

In this episode, Dr. Lauren FITz and Cinthanie talk about the common myth of the MACRONUTRIENT called fat actually causing people to become fat.  The fact that the notion of a low fat diet leads to weight loss and lowered heart attack risks is FALSE and is discussed along with how eating higher fat combined with lower carbohydrate food might be the missing link in most people's daily nutrition.  

Exercise the Good & the Bad

In this episode Lauren and Cinthanie give their initial reactions to the launch of the podcast that happened on May 1st and the pros and cons to exercise.  Examples of negative effects of exercise are that it won’t help you lose weight and cardio exercise increases appetite?  Really?  Thankfully though, some of the positive things that can happen with exercise are to find a good community to bond with, shape your body, and help increase fertility.

 FAT: An Interview with Mrs. 8hrABS, Melissa McAllister

In this episode, Dr. FITz & Cinthanie interview author, fitness celebrity, master trainer & top 10 (x5yrs) Beachbody coach, Melissa McAllister, where they talk about everything from why fat isn't bad, what IF is, and how you can change your own nutrition by following her MADE diet plan.