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Who am I?

I'm a disabled U.S. Navy veteran after 14 years of service and mostly was deployed in the Middle East and South East Asia.  Prior, during, and past my time in military service, I wore several hats and have gained many skills like art, martial arts, acting, teaching, dancing, Zumba, online streaming, video editing, producing, and the list keeps going on. 

Photo by Maria Esperanza A. DeLeon

Photo by Maria Esperanza A. DeLeon

Why The Nickname? 

Mixzawa is a play on words from my original nickname when I first started playing on YouTube which was MixZ or GamerMixZ if you can remember that far back.  Seeing how MixZ is used by everyone and their mother if you try to Google search it, I had to figure out how to make in unique or turn myself into a snowflake on the internet.  I was living in Misawa, Japan at the time and started teaching Zumba and as my YouTube channel started to gain traction I finally came up with an update to the name.  By taking the city I was living in and mixing (hehe get it) I dropped the "s" and inserted the name into the city and thus Mixzawa was created.  I am more than happy with the results since if you google search it now, I am at the top of the results.  Go ahead try it out.

If you need to contact me regarding any of the services I have to offer, please leave your info below, and I'll contact you in the coming days.

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