Robert DeLeon

Student Portfolio

Student Portfolio

When I started my college career in 2015 I made several video projects for my classes prior to starting to offer my services as an independent contractor. These videos I collaborated with my fellow student peers but ultimately did the video editing and produced the final cut.

CCSJ Student Film | Kickball! by Robert DeLeon

My CCSJ Fall 2016 student film with my fellow peers in Introduction to Performing Arts. Enjoy the madness of KICKBALL! Used Audacity to record my voice-over as that was my main focus with a little effort in the final edit. Video filmed on my iPhone 6 Plus, SIDEWAYS!

Forging What I See by Robert DeLeon | Time Lapse Art 1080p

My first time lapse artwork on my Calumet College of Saint Joseph Drawing 2 final. Charcoal on Canvas art piece. Last time I was really doing charcoal was in high school and that was over 16 years ago. But thanks to my Professor and fellow peers, I now got back into the medium. Enjoy and let me know if this is something you would like to see more of in the future.

CCSJ Band Advertisement Final | Calumet College of St. Joseph Applied Media Student Film

My Applied Media project of my final cut of the CCSJ Band Promo. Used Adobe Creative Suite program's Photoshop and Premiere CC Pro 2015. Personal involvement; concept, storyboard, shot call list, scouting location, graphic designs, and editing.

CCSJ Robot Wars News | Calumet College of St. Joseph Applied Media Student Film

Much in the same style of the Gaming News we continue to progress in quality and try new things to improve on the small news segments. Personal involvement; storyboard, directing, lightning, and editing.

CCSJ The Division Beta Review | Calumet College of St. Joseph Applied Media Student Film

With the initial studio at CCSJ completed we worked on this segment to be a quick game review of a recent video game release. Personal involvement with the production; writing, concept, storyboard, lightning, and acting.

CCSJ Weekly News | Calumet College of St. Joseph Applied Media Student Film

My first student film at CCSJ with the Applied Media peers for the 2016 spring semester. My personal involvement is concept, storyboarding, directing 2nd unit, editing, and graphic designs.