Robert DeLeon

Video Editor Portfolio


Video Editor Portfolio


Wickedly Whiting AD

In my senior year at Calumet College of Saint Joseph I was the video editor for the media group and was involved in the production of this ad for city of Whiting. This was their annual Halloween event and they wanted an ad to spread on TV and social media. My main responsible was video editing.

Before I Let Go Beyonce Challenge

Lauren FITz Fitness is my first client where I produce a variety of digitial media from video edits, podcasts, website designs and all the support graphic design assets. This video I made for her to support the Beyonce campaign on her hit song “Before I Let Go.”

Midwest LEgacy Group Ad

Contracted by Christopher Gandy, president/founder of Midwest Legacy Group, to create several video and graphic design assets. These finished products would in turn be used for social media and company event advertising to show the core feature of the company.

Testimonial Video for Lauren fitz

Created these testimonials video for Lauren FITz to go into her website about what her client experience is when they join Lauren’s Beachbody Team as a coach.

Chroma Key dance fitness video

While upgrading my client’s studio we decided to use a green screen for a number of dance fitness instructional videos. With the use of Premiere and After Effects, I was able to create this great presentation.

Video on demand podcast

In addition to the audio version of the podcast that is available on iTunes and Google Play, I also create video presentations of the recording session to put a face to the podcast for her listeners.

Motion Graphic Logo Branding

Put together the history of my brand from 2011 up to May of 2019 when I graduated from CCSJ.